Magnificent Five Amigos

    Lazaro Cardenas Avenue in Mexico City is an unofficial border separating the old town extends to the new. If you travel west, you soon arrive at a vast expanse of beautiful and Reforma, Mexico City, the Champs Elysees d '.

    Close the West to share, sitting side by each, are absorbing in the long term and beautiful Parque Alameda, marble Palacio de Bellas Artes. While Palacio, allows visitors to see the dress code for all its elegant interior, the time, concerts and theater events, is a more formal place. Instead, the Parque Alameda, near the heart of a big city, works as well as at the end of himself and the great artery through the center of them.

    It is said by the people, everything is possible in Mexico. If this is true of the city, which is especially true in the Alameda Park. Each day, many tree-lined roads are full of street vendors, musicians, preachers, fans and observers. Some artisans selling their colorful paintings, sculptures and ceramics. You'll find all kinds of food, not expensive, if not pirated music CDs and DVDs of the latest films. People are selling anything here, in some cases, yes. If you want to listen, eat, shop, walk or take a powder, a peaceful park that offers a good price or not.

    On the other side of Lazaro Cardenas, the massive, animated, and the center uninitiated endangered historic.

    There are over 20 million people counted in Mexico City, and if you go on a Saturday afternoon you can learn more about them. The Zócalo, or central square is the second largest after Moscow's Red Square. Surrounded by cathedrals and government buildings of ancient Mexico, is home to important cultural events, festivals of light, events and concerts. Every Christmas, the city built the world's largest skating rink, hockey and all the councils. A trip around the perimeter of the ice can make the best of the day. When the surface is vacuum cleaning, which resembles a runway. When you open the doors and the laundry would have been better if they had doubled in size built to accommodate the thousands of skaters of all levels who have come to enjoy the ice under his feet and sunshine above.

    Bu The old town is more than a great Zocalo. It was once the home of the Aztec civilization, and even if you can not see the ritual of human sacrifice in these days, you can admire the majestic ruins and disturbing. A lot of architectural remains, it seems even under the benevolent rulers of Spain. Spanish flu, even though they had started years ago, are everywhere, language, buildings and religion.

    Centre is also a massive outdoor mall and a food emporium. This is a huge bazaar, full of what you want and what they do not even know. In many of the long shopping streets are all blocked in a description, often in dense themes. If the players want, you'll find streets with shops, but nothing. If you want your car parts or equipment, clothing or computers, is the same. Block-level elements, you can walk from one store to the next only what has come to seek.

    Competition for business is fierce. While this may be your first visit to Mexico, you'll quickly discover that many people you know. All selling something, your Amigo and encourage you. Even if you're the cock the most miserable and unpopular in your home country, Mexico, especially in the historical center, you will be constantly cheered by your new friends.

    Mexico has a growing middle class and are much better off than many of its Latin American neighbors. His poverty does not match that found in many parts of Africa and Asia. But the wealth is still concentrated in the hands of some relative.

    Some social safety nets exist, but survival for individual Mexicans rely heavily on them. Some have good jobs, some work, and the rest must find ways to cope. Usually this means that they become small business owners. But it's not small businesses with a number of people seeking tax relief. These are families with tents and shacks and stands and looks to laboriously enough to pass another day. There is no unemployment insurance that the Western world would know. Instead of money the government gives you a space, a place on a park road, a small piece of a sidewalk, a condition in a number of stands, all persons can therefore offer their goods or services exist and be less of a burden for the state.

    In the center, amid the cacophony of sounds cornucopia of colors, the smell of incense, the crushing of humanity, all-out assault on your senses, sit Calle Venustiano Carranza. Crosses with Lazaro Cardenas, ten minutes walk from Belles Artes, is a street consisting almost entirely of sports shops. As you make your way from one to another, it is clear that many of them with the same name - Marti. No one is singing in Guantanamo, this is not Mexico, Cuba, but if you are looking for sporting goods, you've come to the right place.

    Alejandro Marti owns most of these stores of Venustiano Carranza, and many across the country. If you want to play baseball, is a store dedicated to the sport popular. If you want a box, it is not hard to find gloves.

    If you are looking for soccer equipment, need to look elsewhere. If it's sports apparel that you want, you can purchase to availability of funds. What it is - to play sports, or look like one, you have to do something more than a walk along the Venustiano Carranza. Alejandro Marti has it all.

    All this is outside of a son.

    He had a son, a bright, beautiful, energetic young man loves life. Fernando Marti loved wakeboarding, football, competing, and even had her band. As the wealth and the love of his father, Fernando Marti lacked a little '.

    He lived a life foreign to most children his age have not yet wanted nothing more than to be like them. The images of her bright eyes, her face makes her happy does not necessarily mean something more than the cliché of the time. However, it is safe to assume that he was happy, athletic, curious and engaged in life. He was also a goal.

    The dark side of Mexico is corruption at all levels. In a country where the high contrast of wealth, which can be even delivering a little 'and watch it grow. Some of those who have not, but are able to improve their lot, willing or desperate to accept what they can.

    In recent years, exacerbated recently by the death struggle for control of the flow of drugs into the United States and Canada, some not very nice people led to the elimination of the rich and less rich, or members of their families. It is a well-organized industry in Mexico. The money from the kidnappings that allows them to avoid the difficult lives of their neighbors or to buy the drugs they sell to the lucrative market beyond the Rio Grande or to buy the latest weapon of the great arms dealer in the north.

    Like many Mexicans, not all rich, Alejandro Marti knew that his son was a target. He took many precautions to stay safe. Every day, Fernando went to school with a chauffeur driven car tanks. Sitting beside the driver was an armed bodyguard. Ranging from the path each day to avoid the predictability that could be easily ambushed.

    The strategy worked well until the only time he did not. On June 4, 2008, the vehicle was arrested by the police. As residents waited anxiously to move again, the officers approached their vehicle to explain the problem. As it turned out that the police was the problem. They attacked the car and bodyguard strangles and kidnapping, both the driver who was later tortured and killed the young Fernando Marti.

    Given the wealth Alejandro Marti, a ransom demand was high. With the suspicion of the police, Marti has hired a private consultant, and the money was paid as instructed. That said something publicly in early for fear of police involvement and after waiting nearly two months for a response in August 2008, Marti has gone to the press. He prayed for the return of her son and offered to pay more for his release. Like any loving parents, he would have given anything to have her little boy back. Unfortunately, it was a prayer for anything. Fernando mounted bullet body was found in the trunk of a car in the same area of ​​Mexico where Leon Trotsky met his violent end in 1940.

    The bodyguard, who is believed dead, somehow survived and was later able to identify the murderers. Two of the three arrested in an ongoing investigation were police officers, one of them a woman.

    It is unclear why the boy was killed. Maybe money does not arrive in the right hands, maybe it was feared that he could describe his captors. More likely is that these are ruthless barbarians, without empathy for those who think that one of the target and massacre of the innocents, including children.

    In the early evening on most days, near the park in downtown Mexico City, a middle-aged woman pushing a large, heavy cart full of water full of stew, corn cobs and supplies. By the time you arrive at his time, he drove the body of a mile, up and down over uneven pavement, the city's watchful eye always notoriously impatient and aggressive drivers. Repeatedly, this task for several years, including commercial Sisyphus, the hands are the size of the guns, maybe not so elegant, but equally effective. Petaluma Boys would not have a chance.

    Over the next four hours, he stands behind the truck, which can be converted into a three-sided tent when it rains, and sells or eskites cobs, corn kernels boiled or grilled are sold in a cup. In both cases it may be served in one of the mayonnaise, cheese, chili and lime juice. It 'a good day, could have made $ 75, which is paid for corn, truck and equipment storage. When you stop for the night, began to trek back to the basket, sometimes against the elements - at least for now without water and a lighter corn. Tuck in your cart storage shed for the night, begins a half hour return trip from the metro and buses. In the morning, and the preparation of a routine to start over.

    On rare occasions when your daughter comes and helps at a time. A pretty girl in the college age, who bubbles with enthusiasm corn in the pan. She looks so happy and full of life. Maybe she will not do the Louvre or St. Paul or Times Square. If you're lucky she did not even go to Ciudad Juarez. But it is unlikely that it will eventually grow corn to live well. His mother by force of will and body gave him an opportunity of a life less expensive.

    The Spanish poet Federico García Lorca describes his colleagues in the Spanish Civil War as "infinitely sad eyes, like a beast of burden born." You see those eyes. They can be seen everywhere in Mexico City, throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia, where the primordial reality in everyday life is grinding, excruciating and unrelenting poverty.

    In the midst of his majesty and pollution, its richness and poverty, the great mass of humanity, most Mexicans find a hard, honest living, anyway they can. If you can do there, you can do it anywhere.

    Thousands of people around with shops Shine handsets. If you are in Mexico City, and you do not have the military in Poland, it is not possible. Five years and six children, balloons, clown costumes put a big ass back to doing great, and perhaps fun. When the light turns red, run individually or in the top of the pyramid of people, so that drivers can better stick to their work, they put a brief summary before walking among the cars in search of any change, people can save them. As the traffic moves again, I'm waiting stoically Avenue until the next interruption signal to start a new change.

    Mexico is a great and glorious destination. This is one of those places that should be seen at least once in a lifetime, not as a kind of religious mandate anesthetized rather as an experience as possible and the improbable, the magical and the obscene.

    It's a tough town, where one can be alone among millions, but you can see the countless acts of empathy and generosity, where many people do not have much trying to care for those who have less. It is a place where nobles can make a lot of sharing.

    It is a world where young people are combinations of Pagliacci and gambling, where women are tired of heavy trucks over long distances and in some, loose in the country, children of 14 years for the sport.

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