Ruben Brosbe Gets Whacked.... a 2x4. No, make it a 2x10.

    NYC teacher and Gotham Schools contributer Ruben Brosbe must feel like a quarterback facing an 11 man rush since he wrote a NY Post article shilling for the publication of teacher data reports.

    First he gets hit smacked by South Bronx School who actually went back and read stuff Brosbe has written (I've never indulged).

    Ruben Brosbe Shortcomings Are A Shock To Him

    There are many Rubens I like and enjoy. I enjoy a hearty Rueben Sandwich sans Russian Dressing. I remember when my father introduced me tho this treat back in 1976 in Philadelphia. The best Rueben I ever had was an open one at the old Marty's Mug and Munch in Ardsley. I always enjoyed the erstwhile Rueben Kincaid, manager of the Partridge Family, and flunky in all of Danny's get rich schemes. And of course the singer/actor Ruben Blades. If you have never seen him on "Disorganized Crime" do so now.

    A Ruben I have no use for is New York Post guest columnist, and Gotham Schools contributor (dear God, why?), and blogger Ruben Brosbe. Ruben is one of those nebbishy, I am smarter than thou, Ivy eggheads that thinks he is smarter than everyone else, has an extremely narrow minded view of the world, and just lacks plain common sense. As my grandpa once said, "The smartest people turn out to be the stupidest." MORE
    And then Ruben gets totally whacked by NYC Educator in a "Must read" piece.

    Value Added Is Awesome, Dude

    Like, the New York Post called me?  And they were all like, dude, can you write us a column do it, dude!

    But then it came out, and it was all, well, I was all for releasing the scores because, like, not releasing them could make the union look, ya know, bad and stuff?  And like, I want to look good.  So then I was all, like, hey, let's release the grades, but let's let people know that there's other stuff we do in schools, like learning and stuff, which I, ya know, think is way cool.  And that, like, I don't just give tests in my class, but that we do all this other stuff that's mad cool.  And like, the other day, I was, like, absent, so I stayed home and the next day they were all, like, hey dude, where ya been?

    So anyway, what I want to say is, like, I want to be one of those reformer guys?  Like, I could make up cool new stuff to do in schools and get paid for it and then I could tell everyone else to do all the cool awesome stuff that I do?   And we could, like, go out to lunch and stuff?  So, anyway, they released my grades and they weren't so good, but this makes me want to make my next grades totally AWESOME, dude.  And so they should do that for, like, everyone?
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