I have some questions about a u-rated teacher in my school

    UPDATED: June 27, 10pm


    This came in over the transom. Email me or leave comments if you have answers:

    A teacher came to me -teaching less than 10 years; tenured. Got all S's, except this year: U rating.

    Showed me the 5 or 6 observations, and I couldn't tell which they were considering "formal" or "informal". I believe some were meant to be informal because they filled in after

    They did not include one observation in this back up material. It was an "S" observation.
    Apart from that, they made the standard weird comments — like saying the kids were not engaged, yet they attached the paperwork that showed that the kids were in fact quite engaged and doing the assignment.

    Can anyone help me with some of these questions?

    1. The UFT website says to contact the dist. office for help. Are they actually going to do something for you, or is that a waste of time?

    2. Art. 21. (Due Process) says in the last clause (D.3) that: " 3. Teachers who receive doubtful or unsatisfactory ratings may appeal under Section 4.3.1 of the by-laws of the Board of Education." I don't think it's talking about probationers at this point, correct? If so, do you do this with the district's help, or on your own?

    3. How can you tell what's formal and what's informal? Is there a special "procedure" they've not followed if you can't tell the difference between one observation report and another?

    4. Is the district going to do that with or for this teacher when he/she contacts them?

    5. Where does it stay that if you get a U rating your salary freezes on a certain step? I can't find it.

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I have some questions about a u-rated teacher in my school

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