Bullied and Bribed: A Poem About Rhee, Parker and DC

    Bullied and Bribed
    by Arjun Janah

    Michelle Rhee, and Parker tried/
    To cut a deal. And Randi, too./
    She's bold as brass, is dear Michelle./
    And lying? Why, she does that too.//

    Can Gandhi lie? No, he cannot./ **
    George Washington, he puts to shame./
    Oh dear, oh dear! What have we here?/
    It seems the deal they cut is lame.//

    She fired the teachers, saying she/
    Was facing deficits so deep./
    But now, a surplus is, she claims,
    For she has promises to keep.//

    Or smoke to blow? The council's mad./
    It's clear that much is fishy here./
    She needs the power. They've been had./
    Such disrespect is tough to bear.//

    So welcome, pols, to this our world,/
    Where students, those who are sincere,/
    And teachers, into pits are hurled./
    With leaders bold, why should we fear?//

    We should, because, and yet again,/
    They try to be too smart, and so,/
    They usher in yet more of pain,/
    As we are bribed and bullied more.//

    So don't be bribed. To bullies, say,/
    "Your heart is small, your mind is wee./
    We teach, and we are here to stay./
    If you want change, a teacher be!"//

    So listen up, Obama, hear!/
    The ones you trust are flinging bull!/
    Perhaps you should, those workers, hear,/
    Whose plates, with endless work, are full!

    2010 April 24th, Sun

    ** Natwar Gandhi, the D.C's C.F.O., disputes Rhee's sudden claim
    of a
    budget surplus to finance the raises she had dangled to cut the deal with
    Weingarten and Parker that gave her the firing powers she craved.

    Her new-found "surplus" replaces
    the "deficit" she had claimed earlier
    -- and utilized to fire teachers.

    Arjun teaches science in a NYC high school

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Bullied and Bribed: A Poem About Rhee, Parker and DC

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