One Big PARTEEEE at Bloomberg's

    I was at a planning meeting for yesteday's rally/protest/picket at Bloomberg's abode. (He was downtown at a Jets rally so the poor guy missed all the real fun.)

    We were talking about the time frame and someone said, "Two hours ought to be enough. Less if the media is gone. People start drifting when the media leaves."

    "What about the catharsis," a prominent activist said. "Two hours is not enough."

    I was thinking: "Two years is not enough."

    Well, yesterday's rally of around 350 people was one fun and cathartic event. No one seemed to notice whether there was or wasn't media. As a matter of fact, many viewed me, with my fancy Wave press pass and my video camera with the light on top, as "the media."

    One aspect that made people feel really great was that almost all the players/activists/resisters came out. It is not easy to get this crew in one place, so people who have been educating and organizing and mobilizing felt great. And there were lots of grassroots/rank and file teachers and parents from the schools. And kids too. One recently activated student activist who played a role in getting this together said, "Wow. I can't believe this." He and many of the other students may have learned one of the biggest lessons in their schooling careers.

    No matter what the media coverage, it made everyone there feel great about what they are doing and will hopefully spur them to greater action.

    This is only the beginning.

    Oh, and the UFT/Unity/New Action slugs were nowhere to be seen.

    I put up some photos people sent on the GEM blog and a comment from Angel.

    Got to go now, but I am processing some of the video and will have something up by tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, check out this report from Steven Thrasher at the Voice:

    Here's a blog post I wrote about yesterday's protest. I shot video of the NYPD snapping away from the rooftop next to the mayor's house. Check it out and feel free to add comments, especially if you were there and want to add to the conversation:

    I interviewed some of you but didn't use it here. I am working on a much longer piece about schools, so keep me informed of what you are up to. Yesterday, I just wanted to show how the NYPD was dealing with the"mayor's sidewalk."



    Steven W. Thrasher
    Staff Writer
    The Village Voice

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One Big PARTEEEE at Bloomberg's

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