Tweed to Place Entire Schools on MTA

    Tweed has changed the locations of schools (ie, Bronx parents who got their kids into a school fairly convenient travel wise and expected them to spend their 4 years there just love it when they are told the school is moving to Brooklyn) on the fly. But there is a solution. Following up on a recent Ed Notes scoop (Tweed Solves Problem of ATR/Student Nomads), we have learned that these schools will now be placed in the last car of the A train on its Washington Heights to Rockaway run - and back.

    "It's a win-win," said new Tweed spokesperson David Cant. "Instead of building schools we use current infrastructure in underutilized cars and will pay the MTA for the use of these cars and the installation of portable Smart Boards." Tweed will also contribute to the upgrade of the speaker systems in the subway cars so the constant announcements of principals can be heard more clearly.

    SOS (Schools on Subways) will start at 10am after the rush hour and end at 3pm before the evening rush. An extension of the program set to run from 12 midnight to 4AM is being negotiated with the MTA.

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Tweed to Place Entire Schools on MTA

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