Looking for teachers/parents with views on ARIS

    I won't get into what I think of the Education Sector and always have reasons to suspect their motives. But Leonie may have a point here. Let's see what they come up with though I wouldn't be surprised if they find ARIS to be one of the great inventions of all time.

    For parents and teachers who have experience and/or views on the value or importance of ARIS, data inquiry teams or other aspects of the DOE accountability initiative, please contact Catherine at ccullen@educationsector.org from the think-tank Education Sector.

    See her email below. It is important that she hear from stakeholders with a wide range of opinion on this important issue. Thanks, Leonie

    From: Catherine Cullen
    To: Leonie Haimson
    Subject: RE: ARIS interview request

    Ms. Haimson,

    Thanks again for your time today. My email address is ccullen@educationsector.org. Here's a short blurb about the project:

    Education Sector, a non profit think tank, is looking into the ways that technology can facilitate collaboration around student information. I'm seeking a broad range of perspectives on ARIS, the DoE's data warehouse. Please contact me at ccullen@educationsector.org if you are willing to share your experiences and opinions.

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Looking for teachers/parents with views on ARIS

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