Teachers at Closing Bronx School Hold Protest....

    ...UFT will be there in ususal role of undermining militancy.

    Oh, Randi, the enabler of closing schools, will be there to cry crocodile tears and commiserate. UFT officials will be there to tell teachers their "rights" - their rights to join the growing ATR pool from which they will have to race around the city applying for jobs with all the other ATRs and then be branded incompetent a year later if they are not hired and then with the help of the UFT be councelled on how to make a settlement with the DOE.

    And sadly, the teachers at MS 399X, grasping at straws, will have no choice but to buy it.

    Imagine if every school being closed held a protest on the same day all over the city? That will never happen with a UFT that plays the role of easing the closings for the DOE, not fighting them.

    If one day there is a massively organized opposition to Unity, this is exactly what could happen. But that day is still far away.

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Teachers at Closing Bronx School Hold Protest....

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