If It's Good For Obama's Kids....

    A Place to Respond says:
    [Obama] seems to see only dimly if at all how deceptively Orwellian the big-business driven standards and accountability movement is.

    Do you think Obama's kids will be tested to death? Would Obama want Michelle Rhee, who he praised, as a Superintendent for his kids? Or Joel Klein?

    She links to Gary Stager's superb piece.

    The only times I've heard Obama speak about education, he has called for merit pay, increased accountability, praised D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee (check out this fine article about her) In other words, President-Elect Obama (unless I am proven wrong) believes the same BS that drove NCLB and many of the other bad ideas oppressing children and teachers.

    Here is an idea for President-Elect Obama...

    The $29,000 per year Sidwell Friends School is a fine learning environment and institution with a proud history of excellence. His daughters will be very happy there.

    President and First Lady Obama should study everything done at Sidwell Friends School and copy it in every school across America. If it's good enough for his daughters, it's good enough for the children they are leaving behind.

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If It's Good For Obama's Kids....

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