UFT Files Grievance for ATR Fellows Facing Firing Deadline

    The UFT announced today they have filed a grievance to prevent the firing of 130 Teaching Fellows who face being terminated on Dec. 5. This is beyond a firing in that due to the special TF circumstances they will lose their provisional teaching certification and be tossed from their cohort's masters degree program even if they offer to pay. Upon joining the TF, they were required to sign a document that this would occur, but the over hiring by the DOE that led to this situation is inexcusable.

    The UFT claims it "is aggressively pursuing the matter with the DOE." Right. They argue
    that such a move by the DOE would constitute a layoff, which is not allowed under the UFT/DOE collective-bargaining agreement unless the city declares an official financial emergency, which it has not. The union further argues that the UFT/DOE contract supersedes the DOE hiring agreement that teaching fellows were required to sign when they agreed to join the program.
    The Teaching Fellows working with the Ad Hoc ATR Committee commented:
    They are starting to do what they must for us. They didn't consult with us, or even tell us they had done so. An email to them making today our deadline for action is certainly the motivation. They could have called to let us all know that they were filing (get input, etc.) but somehow they just can't do it. We might have told them that we weren't hired in September. We've been telling them all along that they haven't filed a grievance for for the last 2 classes of NYC Teaching Fellows. [Why not?]

    Of course we look at it as UFT public relations to get them off their backs. They certainly didn't act when TF's were fired last year only because none of them were organizing. Thus, a good lesson for all interest groups in the UFT to get some level of organizing going. Remember the prime directive of Unity Caucus: Hold onto power at all costs. Only a perceived threat of people going over to the opposition will get them to move even if only in a way to make it look like they are dancing the moon walk.

    To be clear this is only a grievance not a law suit asking for an injunction to stop it.
    Questions to ask:
    What is the timetable for the grievance?
    Will this be expedited?
    Does the grievance go directly to the last step?

    Hearing officers for grievances are DOE hires.
    After that it goes to arbitration which can take a year.
    Remember that the UFT loses almost 95% of all grievances.

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UFT Files Grievance for ATR Fellows Facing Firing Deadline

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