The Sort of Arrogance Black People Encounter...

    ....when white folks start schools in their neighborhoods with their values and try to dictate how black people should live...and these same white missionaries try to turn the tables and accuse their critics of being arrogant or racist.
    UPDATE: Make sure to check out more on paternalistic white "saviors" of poor black kids:
    "KIPP Schools-Brainwashing the Disenfranchised"
    Written by A Voice in the Wilderness on April 20, 2008
    Posted at The Chancellor's New Clothes.

    What does it take to reach an inner city child? Teach them to nod on cue.

    Are Joel Klein and Michael Bloomberg, who have dictated to people in Harlem and other places how their schools should be run, also black? They have allowed so much parent input in Harlem.

    Did I make a mistake. Is Eve Moskowitz black? Did the African-American parents get to choose her as the leader of the school? Or is she self-chosen?

    I have an idea for Eva Moskowitz and her supporters.

    Let's have an election. Let the 3600 black parents who turned out for the Harlem Success Schools elect a board of directors and turn the schools over to them to run. Think they'll choose Eva?

    That's called community control, as opposed to mayoral control ... where people do get to do the dictating on how they want to live.

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The Sort of Arrogance Black People Encounter...

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