I’m going to Obama with a banjo on my knee

    The Wave's Howie Schwach editorialized on how Obama’s refusal to wear a lapel pin that would demonstrate his patriotism will cost him votes. My guess is that Obama can wear a jacket made of lapel pins and he will not get those votes. No matter what polls show, when it comes time to pull the lever, a lot of people will not vote for a black man for president. I think it’s called “racism.”

    Some comedian said that the only time you see a black man as president in movies and on TV is when some cataclysm is about to hit. What’s more likely? Obama as president or the earth getting hit by an asteroid? He has my vote anyway, but I’m writing this from under my dining room table.

    Coming soon: What Randi said about supporting Obama at the Delegate Assembly on Apr. 16 and how she said it - I wish I had a picture of that crocodile smile when she said, "We don't want McCain to win, do we?"

    Starting Now: Hillary in '12

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I’m going to Obama with a banjo on my knee

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