"Average Citizen" Jessica Tisch Calls For Bloomberg 3rd Term

    Today's Post includes an op-ed calling for voters to decide on term limits so Bloomberg can run again. The piece claims Bloomberg has outperformed, citing his record in improving the schools. It's written by a Jessica Tisch, identified as a "law and business student" in New York. Does anyone know who that is, if she went to public schools or how she otherwise arrived at her insight into our "improved "schools?

    What the Post didn't tell you:
    NY Times, Nov. 2006

    Jessica Sarah Tisch, the daughter of Merryl and James S. Tisch of New York, was married last evening to Daniel Zachary Levine... The bride, 25, and bridegroom, 26, met at Harvard, from which they both graduated magna cum laude, and where she is now in the third year of a combined M.B.A. and law degree program and he is a second-year M.B.A. student.

    Her father is the president and chief executive of the Loews Corporation in New York, which was founded by her late grandfather Laurence A. Tisch and late great-uncle Preston Robert Tisch. The bride's father is also the chairman of the board of the Educational Broadcasting Corporation, the parent organization of two New York-area public television stations, WNET and WLIW. Her mother is a member of the New York State Board of Regents and the chairwoman of the board of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty.

    Meryl Tisch, another useless NY State Board of Regent. Time to call for elections of these jokers.

    A response from SK to the NYC Education News listserve:

    You're simply not going to believe this -- I'm sitting here with my jaw resting on the floor. I'd say there's a 99%+ likelihood that Jessica Tisch is hardly a disinterested observer of the NYC political and school scene. She's one of "the Tisch's." Her mother is even a member of the NYS Board of Regents. See the NY Times wedding announcement below fro 11/2006. Young Ms. Tisch is apparently a "law and business student" at Harvard -- I'm sure the Tisch family name and money guaranteed that. What are the chances she's an NYC public school student? Does less than zero count? Hers is a family that would never do more than hold it's collective nose as it was chauffered past our public schools.

    I guess Mike and Joel are now recruiting their rich friends' kids to shill for them semi-anonymously. I'm just astonished by the sheer brazenness of this, and the timorous little identifier of Ms.Tisch as a "law and business student." That would make Chelsea Clinton "a recent Stanford graduate." So much for full disclosure on behalf of the Post, as if we might have any reason for them to do this honestly. This is utterly outrageous, truly appalling in every way I can imagine. Sadly, it's nothing I wouldn't otherwise expect from the Post and its editorial board. How many other "law and business student" letter writers would get a guest editorial spot in a major NYC newspaper? No different than what doubtless got her into Harvard Business and Law Schools, I'm sure.

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"Average Citizen" Jessica Tisch Calls For Bloomberg 3rd Term

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