Another Tweed Screwing of Public Schools...

    ...while favoring charters set up by rich people (Courtney Sales Ross, the trophy wife head of deceased Time-Warner head, Steve Ross, now turned savior of the poor and undeducated. (I mean Courtney, not Steve.) It looks like they're sick of having the Ross Global Charter School at Tweed, so let's dump them into a prime, overcrowded public school. Too bad. When I attend press conferences at Tweed and go to the bathroom, I get a glimpse of the school in action. And I love watching the kids at recess playing in the garden next to Tweed. Real children in proximity to the lawyers and MBA's. Ugh! But unless Klein is willing to give up his cubicle, I guess there's no more room for the much-needed expansion. So, shove them into some public school in one of the most crowded areas of Manhattan. What's the matter, no room in East New York? Maybe have them share space with the UFT Charter. Or with Green Dot in the Bronx.

    Read the letter Ross Chater sent to the parents:

    Expansion of charter school is ”necessary to ensure the continued financial sustainability of the school” here at Norm's Notes.

    Leonie Haimson reports:

    Parent Protest

    What: parent meeting and protests about proposed move of Ross global charter school into a public school space– in one of the most overcrowded areas of District 2.

    When: Wed., April 16 at 6 PM.

    Where: 55 E. 25 between Madison and Park Ave South

    For the DOE’s own highly negative assessments of the Ross school, see

    For negative comments from former parents and teachers at the school, see

    InsideSchools and the Great schools website.

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Another Tweed Screwing of Public Schools...

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