Students have nothing to do with their performance

    TEACHER QUALITY are the buzz words – a VERY convenient way to throw teachers under the bus for all the bad things that go on in schools.

    A voice in the Wilderness at The Chancellor's New Clothes makes the point of the irrationality so deftly. Why not say a sick person's recovery depends soley on the quality of the doctor (not to say that is not a factor - a factor - not the sole or even the major factor?) How responsible are the lawyers for the guys on death row? Here is an excerpt, but make sure to read the whole thing here.

    I made a comment that I thought was fairly innocent. “It’s interesting,” I said “to note that all of the explanations and goals have to do with teachers.” Literally, every statement looked something like “Teachers are not teaching consistently, Teachers are not planning regularly, Teachers are not engaging students,” and so on.

    I could see the change in his demeanor. “Well, who else would you hold responsible for student performance?”

    I just kind of looked at him. “Well, how about students?”

    It was on. I had unwittingly thrown the gauntlet.

    “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” he began. “Students have nothing to do with their performance.”

    Huh? I looked around the class to see if the other students had heard. They looked at me blankly.

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Students have nothing to do with their performance

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