Klein Meets the Press

    I covered Joel Klein's press briefing for The Wave yesterday.

    The press briefing was all about the Principal Satisfaction survey and how much principals love what BloomKlein are doing so questions were limited to that.

    I did find one area where 55% said they were dissatisfied with the amount of technology in their schools - as a tech person I've heard from my former colleagues that since Klein took over the state of computers has been a disaster in many schools and I tied the question to how can he expect teachers to check results of tests online during a limited school day when there's is such poor computer access and doesn't this mean they have to do it at home?

    He responded that my info was based on urban legends. My next question would have been "Will you do a similar survey on teacher satisfaction." But wouldn't call on me again.

    Klein claimed the Principal surveys were anon but one reporter told me they must be able to trace them - so even some of them are skeptical. In addition, every contact I have who talk to principals and even those above them - say they are very dissatisfied with the BloomKlein changes - other than those corporate types they've brought in.

    I got an email from someone who reads my Wave columns and urged me to keep up the good work. Turns out that person actually works in some high position. There's unhappiness in the belly of the beast.

    On a social note, our old friend Redhog was at the press briefing for the NY Teacher.

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Klein Meets the Press

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