TAG Members to Speak at PEP

    On Monday, Sept. 24, a group of teachers from the Teachers Advocacy Group NYC, many of whom have unfairly been given U-ratings and/or sent to rubber rooms, plan to take 2 minutes each to force the members of the Panel for Educational Policy to look into the faces of teachers who have been savaged by the policies of the BloomKlein administration.

    They will do so with dignity and style, befitting senior teachers who have been slated for obsolescence.

    Their blog states: "We represent teachers and counselors who have been excessed, unfairly U-rated for political reasons, teachers forced into ATR status, and high-salaried and senior teachers who have been discriminated against. We feel abandoned by the United Federation of Teachers, which by its silence is allowing Bloomberg and Klein to destroy our careers."

    TAGNYC can be contacted at their blog and at tagnyc@hotmail.com.

    Ed Notes will be there to support them while UFT will be holding one of their rubber stamp Executive Board Meetings.

    Monthly PEP Meeting: Monday Sept. 24 at Tweed, 6-8pm. Sign up time for speaking is 5:30.

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TAG Members to Speak at PEP

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