UFT To Members: Seniority is No Longer An Issue Because We Eviscerated It

    ......was posted by Jeff Kaufman on the ICE blog.

    It lays out the basic seniority issues very well from the teacher rights point of view.

    We should not view the issue solely from the perspective of teacher rights.

    Joel Klein makes the argument that a school system should not be about job protection but about teaching and learning. Sounds noble if you don't know the real deal. Weingarten goes along with these beliefs as evidenced from her actions in relation to seniority protections and by info from the inside that she talks more about getting rid of bad teachers than about being worried about protections.

    There's a case to be made (NEVER by the UFT, of course) that seniority rules create stability and school cultures that overcome the instances of the bad teacher being protected (I still think there are as many poor teachers, if not more, since BloomKlein and many people loyal to the principal will be protected no matter how bad they are.)

    Stable schools include experienced people, many of whom share their knowledge and do the real training of newbies. Kids have long-standing relationships with teachers in these schools. The assault on seniority had done as much damage, if not more, to the educational institutions as it has to the traditional perspective of job protection.

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UFT To Members: Seniority is No Longer An Issue Because We Eviscerated It

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