Ex-general is Baltimore schools chief of staff

    Another ex-general and Broad Superintendents Academy fellow has just been appointed to a leadership position in a large urban school district.

    "In a move to fix the city school system's managerial problems, Andres Alonso, the system's chief executive officer, has chosen a retired Army officer with a strong background in logistics to act as his second in command."

    Alonso trained at the feet of Joel Klein, so he must be making good decisions. And these generals have done so well in Iraq, why not let them run school systems? Note in the article how the Broad Academy has few people who actually taught. I wonder exactly what kind of teaching Alonso himself did during his 10 year teaching career. He must have been deprogrammed to purge all identification with teachers, who clearly are not to be trusted with running things on their own.

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Ex-general is Baltimore schools chief of staff

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