It's time to act.

    An excessed teacher, frustrated with the UFT response, or lack of, decides to take action. The UFT always prefers to deal with individuals rather than an organized group of people and WILL respond more positively (for PR purposes) when faced with a pressure group. Currently, there are other people holding meetings around certain issues. Look for updates on this blog.

    This message is for anyone who's just lost their teaching position and has been abandoned by the DOE, which has broken with the rules stipulated under 17.B. of the Contract and is now claiming on p.4 of their 23-page booklet to excessed teachers that "it is ultimately your [the teacher's] responsibility to secure a new position with New York City."

    As of this posting, the UFT website is not showing any sign of life regarding this most recent attack on on public school educators. Don't be confused by the link on called "Denied a Transfer? Let us know," which was not especially designed for excessed teachers. It's for anyone who's had problems with their attempts to transfer.

    We're worried here about excessed educators, especially those who don't even get an interview. It is very troublesome that there are no links on the website for "Got Excessed?", "Got IMPROPERLY Excessed?", "Denied an Interview?", or "Know of Any Irregularities in Recent Job Hirings at Your School?" Maybe the union didn't see the problem coming, maybe they didn't care. Whatever is behind their thinking, they are certainly not contacting us at this time, when they could easily find out not only WHO has been excessed, but communicate with each one of us personally to find out how we're doing in this chaos.

    Some of us don't share their apathy or hesitation. We think we have to act collectively and get the data for ourselves.

    PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS MESSAGE. Tell your excessed colleagues about it. Let's get some raw data on what's really happening to our jobs and our careers, and make sure no one is going to plead ignorance of the situation.

    If you've been excessed and want to be sent some information about how things are going for you, copy and paste the questions below into a new email, answer the ones that you want to answer, and send them to: You don't have to give your real name if you don't want to. The data will be compiled and you can say whether you want to be sent updates on what we're finding out.

    Your real name (optional) OR a pseudonym to prevent duplication: ________
    When were you excessed? Month ________ Year _____

    Seniority at the end of June 07: _________________

    If you're a teacher, your subject: ______________
    Otherwise, your title: _______

    Used the Open Market yet? Y/N _____

    No. of schools applied to: _______

    No. of interviews you were granted: _____

    No. of interviews you attended: ______

    Has the DOE tried to place you yet (as stipulated in the contract)?
    Y/N ______

    Any factors you think make your excessing not your fault (e.g., school closing): _____
    Any factors you think make it unlikely you'll be placed in a permanent position (e.g., politics, race; optional, but probably very important): ________

    Additional comments: ________________________________________

    Do you want to be contacted with updates on the statistics? Y/N ______
    If so, your email address: _____________________________

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