Denied a transfer? Let us know!

    Jeff Kaufman reports on ICE-mail:

    Just read the UFT weekly update and was caught by this line,

    “Denied a transfer? Let us know! We are asking members who have been denied a transfer to click on the “denied a transfer” link on the UFT Web site and give us the details.”

    Wow, I thought, the UFT and Stamatis have finally designed a computer program that actually does something. Click on the link and you will get a job. Well, after about 2 hours of clicking on the link it still says to click on the link.

    It’s funny the more I look at the link the more it looks like the link for safety violations, class oversize complaints, U-ratings and micromanagement.

    Thanks, guys!


    The funniest line in the update?
    "We are particularly interested in hearing from members who were told, explicitly or not, by the principal or other school official that salary played a role in the denial of the transfer."

    Hope they bought along a tape recorder.

    A follow-up from a teacher:

    Denied a transfer? What transfers? There aren't any. I found out yesterday I interviewed for a job that was already filled. They wasted my time, not to mention left me feeling like a total idiot.
    The interns at my school have more job offers than they can handle and I have 8 years seniority and can't get a transfer to a school down the block from mine.
    I give up.

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Denied a transfer? Let us know!

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