Norm's Rules

    May 18, 2007

    Sol Stern asked for our agenda in case he was going to stop by the ICE meeting today. He also asked if we use Robert's Rules.

    Can you bring a few chocolate bars as we can't afford to serve any food at ICE meetings? Or maybe stop by the UFT and ask Randi to send over a platter.

    We don't
    use Roberts rules - we use Norm's rules: anarchy. The loudest (and biggest) people get to speak as often as they want. People can throw things but a person must get hit by 3 objects before they have to give up the floor. If a speaker is to the right of Attila the Hun - ie. writes for the NY Post or the Sun - live ammo can be used but nothing heavier duty than a mortar round.

    Norm's rules in action at a recent ICE meeting

    The ICE agenda for the May 18 meeting:

    Explaining Marxist economics to pre-kindergarten kids
    The dialectic of the phonics vs. balanced literacy model
    Impact of arming the phonics police with Tasers to zap teachers who forget to teach the short a sound.
    Teaching birth control using multiplication tables.
    How to take a class trip to North Korea and not get caught.
    Dirty tricks on Randi: broadcast her del assembly reports with secret speakers stategically spaced throughout 52 Broadway 24/7 till people come running out of the building and throw themselves into moving traffic.
    Integrating social justice themes in phys ed:
    Relay races based on dodging American bombs
    Is broad jumping anti-feminist?

    Hope this info is helpful.

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Norm's Rules

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