A rush to judgement

    Check the timetable used by the UFT to rush this agreement through without providing people with adequate time to discuss it or even look over the fine print:

    Monday eve: Negotiating committee votes; announcement to press
    Tues: 10am Exec bd votes. Jeff and James lambasted by union leaders for "fear mongoring."
    Wed: DA votes before having time to consult with the teachers in the schools.

    Why? Why not give people some time? After all, this doesn't go into effect for a year.
    Why the rush to judgement? That alone should make people suspicious.

    Note this from the DOE press release:

    The term of the Agreement covers a 24-month and 19-day period beginning October 13, 2007 and continuing through October 31, 2009. This agreement is based upon the 18-month pattern established with DC 37, although it is six months and 19 days longer, which generated additional funds.

    In order to address specific needs, the UFT generated internal funding to provide the following benefits:

    · Effective October 13, 2007, the annual contribution to the welfare fund will be increased by $100 per member;
    · Effective May 1, 2008, a lump sum payment to the welfare fund in the amount of $166.67 per member;
    · Effective October 21, 2009, an additional $35 rate increase in the City’s contribution to the welfare fund per member;
    · Effective May 19, 2008, increased longevity payments for certain employees who have at least five years of service;
    · Effective May 19, 2008, an increase in the uniform allowance payable to Supervisor of School Safety; and
    · The Department will increase by 12 the maximum number of sessions of paid extracurricular activities for which compensation will be provided to coaches and teachers in charge of various athletic and extra-curricular activities.

    What does "internal funding" mean?

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A rush to judgement

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